Ninemeister - 9m94RSR


Looks are not everything

Following on from the 9m64RS is the stunning 9m64RS-R. Weissach used the –R addendum to denote a RennSport turbo look model so our subconscious already gives us expectation of something pretty special which Ninemeister are determined to fulfil in making the 9m64RS-R greater value than the sum of its parts. If Aristotle were alive today we have no doubt that he would confirm our achievement with this car. Call it iconic, call it mighty, call it what you will but the truth will remain that the 9m64RS-R has the road presence of a Porsche that will be lusted after, photographed, admired and desired for a long time to come. 


To the casual observer the 9m64RS-R could be deemed nothing more than a wide-bodied or turbo-look 9m64RS and on the face of it they might be right to assume that. Unashamedly based on the factory 964RS 3.8 wearing 9” x 18” front and 11” x 18” rear wheels you would be forgiven for thinking that this was just another 3.8 RS replica. However, take a look past the luscious lines of the curvaceous bodywork and you will soon discover why you should not always trust first impressions. In this case, beauty is definitely more than just skin deep. By optimising the chassis kinematics with the 9m-F suspension solution we first maximise the available grip from the widened track. Then with the choice of two engine solutions the RS-R is given the performance which matches its looks.