Here at Ninemeister, whilst we are not Porsche dealers in any conventional sense, on rare occasions we do have 9m Cars for sale. Furthermore, on even rarer occasions there presents an opportunity to purchase an ongoing 9m project at the most significant stage of the build. This 9m93GT2 Project is one such opportunity.

For good reason the 993GT2 is regarded as an icon. It is after all the fastest, most powerful air-cooled 911 to have ever rolled off the Porsche production line at Weissach.

Aficionados and collectors concur, driving values of factory cars well into seven figures to the point where the GT2 has become the stuff of legends. So whilst the majority of Porsche enthusiasts now dream about owning a GT2, for one lucky owner this 9m build could well be that unique opportunity to realise their dream.

All 9m Car builds are created with the finest attention to detail, this 9m93GT2 is no exception. With the massively time consuming process of crafting this authentic Porsche 993 GT2 factory specification body now complete, the truly fun part of specifying the finished car awaiting whoever commissions the build. Paint colour, interior trim, seats, engine performance, exhaust tone, chassis dynamics, wheels & tyres are just some of the options open to choice. We’ve suggested possible specifications below, however in reality there is almost no limit to what you may wish to do with this project although one thing is definitely for sure. When finished, it will be perfect.

Dare to Dream


  • 9m constructed GT2 Evo bodyshell (converted from 993 Carrera 4)
  • Sunroof delete (full factory roof skin)
  • 9mRS chassis reinforcement package
  • Seam welding
  • Airbag delete
  • Paint and Trim
  • Electrophoretic coated shell
  • 9m 16 stage prepare and paint process
  • Colour to be decided


Choice of two finishes, or a bespoke interior to your specification.
RS Lightweight

  • Vinyl or alcantara headlining
  • New Porsche carpet set
  • Rear seat delete
  • 9mRS Carbon seats
  • RS door panels
  • Full leather/alcantara re-rim (any available colour)
  • 993RS steering wheel
  • Manual windows, mirrors
  • RS gearshift
  • Refurnished instruments


  • Leather, vinyl or alcantara headlining
  • New Porsche carpet set
  • 993 hardback sports seats
  • 993 door panels
  • Full leather/alcantara re-rim (any available colour)
  • 993RS steering wheel
  • Electric windows, mirrors
  • RS gearshift
  • Refurnished instruments
  • Porsche Classic HiFi, 9m speaker package (optional)


  • 9m X-sport adjustable suspension package
  • 993GT2 mono-ball top mounts
  • 993GT2 front suspension uprights & steering arms
  • RS wishbone & rear link bushes
  • 9m GT2 Evo stiff axle kit
  • 993GT2 calipers & 4 channel ABS braking system
  • 9mRS engine & gearbox mounts

Wheels and Tyres

  • 9m93GT2 Speedline 9×18 front,
  • 12×18 rear (optional)
  • Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 225/40 front, 295/30 rear

Engine and Transmission

  • 9m fully rebuilt 3.6 Twin Turbo engine, 450+hp
  • Bosch Motronic engine management – custom tune
  • 9m/Kline Inconel exhaust system
  • 9m Evo Intercooler
  • 9mRS lightweight flywheel package
  • GT2 6 speed G50 2wd transmission
  • 9m Wavetrac limited slip differential (ZF optional)
  • GT2 hollow drive shafts

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