Ninemeister - 9m93RS


Simplicity personified

The 9m64RS was the first 9m Car to be introduced into the Ninemeister production line, the elegant simplicity and neat proportions of the underlying classic 911 shape beautifully concealing the huge performance potential that lies under the skin.

Built to order in the owner’s choice of RHD or LHD, Lightweight or Clubsport and in any combination of colour, trim and mechanical specifications, Ninemeister are building Porsche’s missing links.

Want a RHD 9m64RS CS with full M003 integral welded roll cage? No problem. 

In the USA and want your own Euro 9m64RS Lightweight? No problem.

We build the 9m64RS from any 964 Carrera 2 or Carrera 4 donor, but please don’t worry about preservation as Porsche built nearly 34,000 964 Coupes so we’re absolutely sure that nobody will miss a few!


The story of the 964RS is the stuff of legends, the RS nomenclature unused since the demise of the 1974 Carrera 3.0RS. Initiated from the 1990 Porsche 964 Cup cars of the inaugural 1990 Carrera Trophy Cup race series, the 964RS was launched following a highly successful 1991 Porsche Cup race season.

For Europe & the Rest of the World three versions of the 964RS were made available:

Full interior trim, electrics & sound deadening

Recaro race seats, lightweight carpet & trim, no sunroof or underseal

The definitive weekend racer, full integral welded roll cage, minimal trim

Original production run

The news was not so good in the ‘States where US legislation prevented Porsche from selling the European RS and instead offered our poor American friends the 964RS America which was little more than a dressed up Carrera 2.

In all over 3000 variants of the narrow bodied 964RS were sold by Porsche, of which just 290 were the Clubsport variant which were only available in left hand drive.


(Revolutionary): radically new or innovative; outside or beyond established procedure, principles, etc.

When introduced to an unsuspecting public in 1992, unfortunately the 964RS concept of a road legal track day cum race car was so revolutionary that it was met with almost universal indifference from one and all. How could Porsche possibly charge more money for a 911 with a significantly reduced specification and higher price tag? Who would choose uncompromising suspension that was so firm it would have their chiropractor rubbing his hands in glee? No sunroof, air-conditioning, is that cool? Why would I want to pay more to have the underside of my new 911 unprotected from road salt & water? 


Garage Queens

Porsche were naturally right to expect owners to make these sacrifices and choose weight saving in order to achieve the ultimate in performance, it was just a shame that too few realised it so sales of the RS were slow and numbers few. Nowadays the demand far outstrips supply and we are seeing values of the 964RS steadily climbing higher and higher. We think it is sad that the majority of these glorious machines have now become investible garage queens and hence no longer get used for their intended purpose out on track.

Back to basics, less is definitely more!

Whilst modern trackday 911’s are more powerful, more comfortable and faster than the 964RS, they are also significantly heavier, larger and in truth, a whole heap less fun because they can never provide the visceral experience of a 9m64RS when powered by a 375hp 9m Engine Performance Solution, weighing in at 1150kg and having the same lateral cornering grip.

Ninemeister will guarantee that we can put the smile back on your face with the 9m64RS as it embarrasses your friends in their GT3s.