With more than two decades of air cooled Porsche 911 engine development experience, Colin Belton built the reputation of Ninemeister around an expertise in this iconic engine. While today Ninemeister’s activities range across the entire spectrum of Porsche production, we still hold great affection for the Mezger engine and indeed, customers from around the world come to us for help and advice.

This area of the website is dedicated to the Ninemeister air cooled expertise. You will find technical papers by Colin, examples of some of the amazing clients we’ve worked with, plus some of the bespoke 9m products that we have developed in the quest to forever improve and evolve the Mezger air cooled engine

The 9m Cars

Dare to Dream. A bespoke air cooled 911 created to your exact specification.

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9m Billet Cylinder Heads

Machined from a single billet of aluminium for your 964 or 993 Porsche 911

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