Computer modelled and machined from a single piece of 2618 aluminium (aluminum to our American clients), the Ninemeister billet cylinder heads are available for the Porsche 964 and 993 models.

Designed in conjunction with some of the leading minds in Formula One engine design and six years in the creation, the cylinder heads offer a direct conversion from the standard Porsche factory components and offer substantial increases in horsepower and torque across the rev range, while also significantly improving throttle response.

Particular attention was placed on the directness of the inlet and exhaust tracts, forming as straight a path as possible to the combustion chamber, while also the diameter of the ports is optimised to increase the velocity of the inlet and exhaust gasses.

A full explanation of the design principles of the billet heads can be found in this excellent Total 911 magazine article which covers the design principles and manufacturing in detail.

The billet heads are sold as sets of six, though we strongly recommend obtaining seven in total.

Why seven?

Quite simply, because they are such an exquisite item of construction that you really should have a spare to display on your desk.

The billet heads are available from stock. We strongly recommend calling Colin on the main telephone number or drop us a line via our contact page to discuss how these beautifully crafted will fit into the synergy of your Porsche 911 engine.