Quite probably the rarest of all of the limited numbers 911’s, it is rare to see a Porsche 993 GT2 for sale. And with values now well into six figures, the opportunity to own a GT2, or enjoy driving a 993 GT2 of your own on track is now a remote possibility. So the Porsche 993 GT2 bespoke opportunity available here is a rare and possibly unique chance to own the 993 GT2 you may have only previously dreamed of.

This is the 9m93 GT2 project. Instigated by Ninemeister to offer an enthusiastic owner the chance to create their own vision of the perfect 993GT2. Perhaps the GT2 that the Porsche factory never created.

About the 9m93 GT2.

The project has been created by the Ninemeister team over a period of time and now sits and that pivotal point. Very much like building a house, there is an awful lot of invisible work goes into the preparation and foundations, without much being outwardly apparent. To the untrained observer, that’s a rather boring process to watch. Even if we know that this preparation and these foundations are an essential part of the build.

That process is now complete and we are at the fun part of the build process. Choosing the final specification, the colour, the interior trim. And above all the engine specification, the suspension, the setup and how this car will actually drive at the hands of it’s new owner.

That is for you to decide.

You see, this car will be more than simply a 993 GT2 homage or replica. The technical specification below, together with some of the options we have outlined, will explain much about the car’s construction so far and of course the mechanical details.

However, we are now seeking a partner, an eventual owner of the car who would like to enjoy creating their vision of what could quite possibly be the ultimate incarnation of the air cooled Porsche 911.

This project is not for everyone. For some, the patience required will be too much. For others, the desire to create a car which is a true expression of thier love of the air cooled Porsche 911 will simply not be there. The owner of this car will need to have the same passion for the air cooled performance Porsche engine that is shared by Colin and the Ninemeister team.

This is not the chance to simply jump into the collectable Porsche marketplace and enjoy a return. It’s not that type of project.

It’s a niche within a niche. Within a niche.

However for the person who has the funding and the vision, this represents a remarkable chance to create a Porsche 911 that is something truly special for themselves.

If you’re reading this and you get it, if the idea of this project is making you smile, then we know that you could be the person we’re looking for.

To enquire further and discuss your own ideas of how this car could be the personal Porsche 911 project you have always wished for, contact Colin Belton on +44 01925 242342 (UK time).


  • 9m constructed GT2 Evo bodyshell (converted from 993 Carrera 4)
  • Sunroof delete (full factory roof skin)
  • 9mRS chassis reinforcement package
  • Seam welding
  • Airbag delete
  • Paint and Trim
  • Electrophoretic coated shell
  • 9m 16 stage prepare and paint process
  • Colour to be decided


Choice of two finishes, or a bespoke interior to your specification.
RS Lightweight

  • Vinyl or alcantara headlining
  • New Porsche carpet set
  • Rear seat delete
  • 9mRS Carbon seats
  • RS door panels
  • Full leather/alcantara re-rim (any available colour)
  • 993RS steering wheel
  • Manual windows, mirrors
  • RS gearshift
  • Refurnished instruments


  • Leather, vinyl or alcantara headlining
  • New Porsche carpet set
  • 993 hardback sports seats
  • 993 door panels
  • Full leather/alcantara re-rim (any available colour)
  • 993RS steering wheel
  • Electric windows, mirrors
  • RS gearshift
  • Refurnished instruments
  • Porsche Classic HiFi, 9m speaker package (optional)


  • 9m X-sport adjustable suspension package
  • 993GT2 mono-ball top mounts
  • 993GT2 front suspension uprights & steering arms
  • RS wishbone & rear link bushes
  • 9m GT2 Evo stiff axle kit
  • 993GT2 calipers & 4 channel ABS braking system
  • 9mRS engine & gearbox mounts

Wheels and Tyres

  • 9m93GT2 Speedline 9×18 front,
  • 12×18 rear (optional)
  • Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 225/40 front, 295/30 rear

Engine and Transmission

  • 9m fully rebuilt 3.6 Twin Turbo engine, 450+hp
  • Bosch Motronic engine management – custom tune
  • 9m/Kline Inconel exhaust system
  • 9m Evo Intercooler
  • 9mRS lightweight flywheel package
  • GT2 6 speed G50 2wd transmission
  • 9m Wavetrac limited slip differential (ZF optional)
  • GT2 hollow drive shafts

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To Inspire You, a 9M93 RS-R we created

The black 9m93 RS-R below was created in the Ninemeister workshops. Currently for sale at Lusso Classics, the car’s full details can be viewed online here.