The legend of the iconic air cooled Porsche 911 engine continues to live on, more than ten years since production drew to a close. The Hans Mezger designed engine has a following and affection that continues stronger than ever. Colin Belton built Ninemeister over more than two decades upon an expertise in tuning, rebuilding and restoring this wonderful engine.

Colin and the Ninemeister team have gradually acquired a global reputation for building strong, powerful, reliable air cooled Porsche 911 engines and every day, Colin’s inbox greets him with fresh enquiries from clients seeking a trustworthy company to entrust their Porsche 911 engine rebuild to.

You can read more about the Ninemeister engine rebuild programme right here. In addition, we thought it would be a good idea to share some of Colin’s views and philosophy on rebuilding the air cooled 911 and so The Air Cooled FAQ was born.

Below, you will find a living, growing archive of articles and technical information from Colin as he answers a tiny cross section of the many questions he is asked by air cooled Porsche 911 owners who are seeking out an organisation that they feel comfortable with trusting their beloved Porsche 911 with to rebuild, improve, restore.

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