When you’re running a busy Porsche specialist business, your inbox is always full of requests for quotes, information and so forth. Sometimes, though, we hear back from our engine rebuild customers quite some time after the work was done.

More than a year passed since we rebuilt this 1978 3.0 air cooled engine. We were truly moved to hear back from Glynn, the owner of a lovely Porsche that needed some care and attention.

Here’s his views of his car, one year on.


Hi Colin,
realised over the weekend its now a year since I collected my car from you, and hadn’t in that time let you know how much I’d appreciated what you did to my car.
It’s brilliant, done 2750 miles, a couple of oil changes and it’s loosened up considerably, power is up considerably on what you dyno’d it at, don’t know what an unmodified 3.0 can deliver, but it’s up there.
Many thanks, I may be back to get the gearbox done, the car is way undergeared now, I look for 6th regularly.
Kind regards
Glyn Walker

I submitted this review, it may be visible on your website. Better late than never….

” My 1978 Carrera 3.0 engine was past its best, noisy, drizzling oil although still running. Called in to chat to Colin, he went through what my options were, dismantling and examining all components to a menu price, and then in the following days I got spreadsheets showing various options, I could just replace badly worn components and I’d have a good, tight engine, or replace all parts showing wear or outside tolerances, with current parts using latest production methods and materials
I decided to go for broke, after all, one life etc. I am always concerned though, that the finished article will not live up to expectations.
I have to say, the result was brilliant, effectively Mark built me a new engine, I can see now why when it was originally launched the car really was a Supercar, capable of driving huge distances effortlessly, only stopping every couple of hours for refuelling. I love it, its anonymous, almost invisible, I love doing a 500 mile trip or just going to the shops. The rolling road figures immediately after rebuild showed a modest improvement but now its loosened up its stonking! My range per tankful has improved measurably. Ninemeister really know what they’re at……

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