Porsche 911 brakes have historically been one of the company’s greatest assets. However, even the best Porsche brakes don’t last forever and when the time comes, Porsche 997 owners often ask us if the original Porsche brakes are the best option, or whether a brake upgrade may be a better way.

Porsche 997 owner John Hughes came to us recently to talk about his 911’s brakes. He was generally happy with the performance, though at times he felt it could be improved. John doesn’t drive his Porsche on track and was unsure whether he would get the best value out of a brake upgrade.

In fact, most of the Porsche owners who ask about our Girodisc Brake Upgrade for Porsche do not drive their cars regularly on track, if at all. They simply wish to have the best possible brake performance without spending a fortune on carbon brakes, which would be of debatable use.

In our view, the Girodisc Brake Upgrade for the Porsche 911 is a great improvement over the standard factory braking system. We caught up with John a few weeks after his 997 brake upgrade to talk about why he went for the Girodisc brakes and what he thought of them.

“It’s a step change in performance,” says John. “I had to completely recalibrate my stopping distances and the pressure I needed to achieve them compared to the original Porsche brakes. Even now, I sometimes have to release the brakes and drive up to the roundabout! That’s how powerful they are.”

So he’s impressed. What make him choose Girodisc? “My Porsche is a ‘keeper’. I’m not planning on selling it any time soon, so I didn’t mind the small additional investment over the cost of the standard factory brakes. I don’t drive me car on track and have no plans to. However, I was a little tired of the way the Porsche factory brakes began to look a little scruffy over time and the claims made by Girodisc on longevity sound very impressive. I believe that the extra cost will be worth it, due to the higher quality and the fact that I plan on keeping the car long term.”

“Above all, the feel from the Girodisc brakes inspires great confidence, so the combination of the feel, the appearance and the longer life means that for me, they were worth the investment.”

We supply and fit the Girodisc brake upgrade to a wide variety of Porsche owners and whether they are hard core track drivers, or Porsche owners who simply want the best quality, we’re finding that the upgrade is a huge success.

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