9m Performance

The Ninemeister philosophy for improving the performance of your Porsche is quite simple. Modification simply for the sake of it is not part of our ethos. Our pathway for improving your Porsche’s performance revolves around two simple strategies. We strive to make the best of the car you already have. Then we work with you to change the things you don’t like.

“Make the best of what you have”

Very often mass produced cars, even Porsches, have significant variations in production tolerances. As the car ages, these variations become more significant until the car is performing significantly differently from the factory specification.

Our first course of action with any car is to establish exactly how it is performing, then work to optimise that level.

“Improve what you don’t like”

As you become a more enthusiastic and knowledgeable Porsche driver, you will discover elements of your car that you definitely wish to change. Whether it is the aural note through a sports exhaust, improving the car’s handling through suspension modifications or more significant upgrades, we will guide you through the process.

Brake Upgrades

Clutch and Transmission


Performance Cooling

Performance Exhausts

Engine Remapping