The choice of Porsche suspension systems in today’s marketplace is continually growing. As damper and spring technology moves forwards, improvements in suspension performance can be retro-fitted to earlier Porsche models enabling owners to enjoy ever more sophisticated ride quality and control, which at tthe same time improving cornering performance and grip. Here are the suspension improvements and enhancements we recommend to our customers.

KW Variant 3
KW have quickly become one of the most popular spring and damper options for many drivers. From enthusiastic track drivers to fast road drivers wishing for more control, KW can be fitted to Porsche models across almost the entire history of the marque, from early air cooled to the latest PDK equipped GT3’s

Bilstein have been making dampers for Porsches since, well, since there have been Porsches. For many years they were factory option dampers from Porsche themselves.
Today’s PSS10 damper systems are considered to be one of the very best on the market and are always a popular choice with customers