Fixed Price Servicing

Ninemeister uses only genuine Porsche parts in our fixed price menu items section to ensure your vehicle benefits from only the highest quality parts. If you are unable to find out what work may be required on your Porsche, then please contact our workshop co-ordinator. We can provide a fully itemised estimate upon request, in most cases within two hours of it being made.

All Ninemeister servicing is carried out in line with Porsche’s own servicing protocols.

If you are considering upgrading your Porsche, our 9m Performance Area is a good place to learn more about improving and optimising your Porsche in cost effective ways.

Choose your Porsche model from the menu below to view fixed price servicing and repair options.

  • No two Porsche owners are alike. We tailor your service schedule to adhere to recommended servicing, with a common sense approach
  • At Ninemeister, we know that our Porsche drivers use their cars for many different things. We work with you to ensure your Porsche is cared for in exactly the way you would wish for
  • Whether you are a high mileage driving Cayenne owner or a classic, collectable air cooled owner, we work with you to keep your car in top condition, on budget
  • All prices are subject to VAT but do include labour

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