Porsche drivers are a hugely varied breed and so naturally so are their cars. Some Porsches are collectable classics that are used for only a few hundred miles per year. Others are daily driver Porsches that live on the streets all year round. Still more are enthusiastically driven Track Day prepared Porsches.

We believe here is no ‘one size fits all’ service plan, particularly for the older, more collectable Porsches. Therefore we’ve collated what we believe is a very good starting point when budgeting for your Porsche servicing.

Choose from the Minor and Major services below, then contact our team and tell us how you drive your Porsche, what you feel you need and how we can help you care for your Porsche, on schedule and within budget.

Minor Service

Here at Ninemeister we fully understand that in today’s world of Porsche ownership, people use their cars in a wide variety of different ways. The Minor Service is a good way to ensure that your car is cared for correctly, regardless of your type of driving.

From £325.00

Major Service

In the same way that our Minor Service schedule ensures routine maintenance of your Porsche, our Major Service schedule goes deeper into areas that may require less frequent attention.

From £675.00

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