Wheel Alignment and Geometry

The Ninemeister wheel alignment and suspension geometry area is dominated by the dedicated four post lift and Hunter DSP600 Wheel Alignment equipment.

This area is dedicated to suspension geometry adjustment and setup and is considered to the the industry standard in accurate suspension and wheel alignment.

Revolutionary Adapter Design

  • The Ninemeister Hunter geometry and wheel alignment incorporates the very latest wireless transmitting sensor units.
  • Rather than clamping onto expensive alloy wheels, the adapters secure over the outer circumference of the tyre, ensuring no metal to metal contact.
  • Rubber pads allow the sensor unit to rest against the wheel.

Wireless Transmission of Data

  • The wheel adapters transmit alignment information in real time.
  • Our technician can adjust the suspension settings in real time and see the result instantly
  • This ensures highly accurate adjustment to factory settings
  • The Hunter system has data for all of the latest vehicles, including advanced suspension, four wheel drive and air suspension on cars such as Panamera Turbo