We receive quite a few calls from Porsche Cayenne owners reporting a rather mysterious water sloshing sound. They describe it in various ways. “It’s as if I can hear the petrol in the tank moving about” or “It’s like I have a jerry can full of water in the boot”.

That description is an accurate one, particularly the second. Because on quite a few Cayenne’s that’s essentially what you have.

All cars have water drains on their bodywork. From small channels at the edge of a sunroof, to drains around the foot of the windscreen. In all the areas where water gets trapped as it drains away, water channels are added to help avoid the water becoming trapped and creating corrosion problems over time.

On the Cayenne from 2004 onwards to even recent cars, that sound of water moving around is, in fact, drain grommets becoming clogged with silt so that water cannot pass through. The water actually becomes trapped under a ‘false floor’ that Porsche build into the Cayenne sills to add strength and safety.

Here at Ninemeister, we have developed a simply fix that requires access to various areas hidden behind the wheel arch liners. Plus, of course, a powerful workshop lift capable of raising a Porsche Cayenne, plus it’s smuggled cargo of water.

We have been truly amazed at the quantities of water we have drained from some Cayennes, almost needing a chain gang of buckets to catch it all.

Once drained, we create a different access, so that the grommets cannot become clogged again in the future and this should solve the problem from recurring and, or course, prevent corrosion from the inside.

If you’re driving a Cayenne and you have been hearing this strange water sloshing sound recently, you might like to drop us a line.