Independant Porsche Servicing Expertise

25 years experience serving the North West region Porsches to include Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire, Lancashire and North Wales

Ninemeister for Porsche Servicing

It should never be assumed that just because your car has a Porsche badge on the front that it is running as well as it did when it left Stuttgart

Common Porsche Faults

Each Porsche has its fair share of common faults. For example, the Boxster, Cayman and 996 suffer with suspension bush wear and header tank leaks; the 997 has serious water pipe corrosion issues; the mighty cayenne knocks out its prop shaft centre bearings; the 993 internal bearings suffer from fatigue cracks. We could go on, but the point is that these are just some of the common points that the experienced Ninemeister service technicians look out for when carrying out a service on your Porsche. Pinpointing them long before they become a major problem.

Irrespective of whether Ninemeister carry out a 6k Service, 12k/49k service or inspection service you can be assured that with our attention to detail your Porsche is in safe hands

Genuine and Approved

Ninemeister Porsche use genuine approved Porsche service parts and Porsche approved Millers Oil lubricantsfor all Porsche models

Most manufacturers recommend long life service intervals and use high detergent content oils to maintain a clean engine. Given the oil degredation issues we have seen at Ninemeister we recommend that all Porsche owners change oil annually regardless of mileage. Engines running on fresh clean uncontaminated oil last longer and run more efficiently.